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 We care about your business like it’s ours too.

And as a team that’s obsessed with marrying branding and performance marketing, nothing pleases us more than finding a sweet spot between the two that works for your business goals.

Our clients’ goals are our own.

At ROMI.SG, we don’t just go through the motions of delivering what a client wants completed. We take the time to brainstorm and propose potential ideas that we believe will take your business to the next stage of growth.


Whether it’s to kickstart your marketing, scale up your business, or establish your brand as the innovator in your field, we’ll identify what you should do to grow and get it done.

Every business needs marketing.

At ROMI.SG, we specialise in digital marketing for SMEs and startups, as even these smaller or younger organisations need marketing to reach the next level.

Marketing ensures the sustainability of every business. That’s why we believe a company needs to have a strong in-house marketing team to prosper.

That’s where our team can help.


We can build and operate the marketing process for your business to get you started, with a key goal to eventually transfer it back to your hands! 

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