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Understanding the Impact of AI on Digital Marketing

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AI or artificial intelligence is the simulation of our cognitive processes by machines. So, AI can involve a machine trying to mimic the way we solve problems, put together words, and so on.

This is clearly exciting technology, and it’s certainly started taking over quite a few industries. The latest one to see a major surge in its use is digital marketing.

That’s unsurprising: AI tech is changing so many things about how businesses communicate and interact with their customers. Various functions AI can streamline are ones that marketers consider crucial, e.g. data analysis and pattern identification.

Today, we’ll go over how the future impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing. In the process, you’ll also see how using AI in marketing can help your own business and ventures.

What’s the role of AI in digital marketing?

Chatbot with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI’s role in marketing is perhaps best simplified as one of convenience. This is because it performs many of the time-consuming functions marketers do so that they don’t have to expend effort on them any longer.

Examples of these functions are the analysis of customer behaviour and data, as well as the dynamic adjustment of ads for optimisation and targeting. These traditionally involve a lot of work, but AI can take over them for marketers.

Given how fast-paced today’s markets are, offloading such tasks to faster-processing machines can offer a huge advantage to marketers. This allows marketers to shift to more value-adding, human-reliant tasks in their work.

What are the benefits of AI implementation in digital marketing?

There are a lot of ways to take advantage of AI tools for digital marketing, so we’ll go over some of the best ones to show you how you can use it for your own campaigns.

Personalised Experiences

AI can be used to provide a better, more personalised experience for your customers.

As we noted earlier, AI is often used for data analysis. AI tools can actually be set up to analyse data about each customer like their purchase and search history.

From there, the AI can use that data to offer product or service recommendations that fit the customer’s interests or preferences. In other words, it can provide personalised suggestions based on each customer’s data.

Personalized experience process

We can already see this on online shopping sites like Amazon. These sites often use your purchase and search history to provide suggestions for items you may be interested in.

The machine learning algorithms that make this possible improve consumers’ experiences because it means they’re no longer bombarded with recommendations irrelevant to their needs. At the same time, it improves your chances of getting conversions.

Remember that it doesn’t need to always be about shopping, by the way. You can use similar algorithms to identify what a blog visitor wants to read, for instance. What matters is that you’re offering something tailored to the needs of your visitor.

Data-driven Insights

Data-driven Insights

Data-driven marketing with artificial intelligence can be one of the most useful things you get out of embracing AI.

You see, we’ve long known that data-driven marketing tends to perform well – that’s because it’s not based on pure guesswork. It relies on pattern identification, factual analysis, and so on.

The problem, of course, is that it requires so much data processing to get to useful conclusions. And processing data takes a lot of time and work.

AI slashes the requirements for both drastically. Today’s AI tools can actually process colossal amounts of data far faster than any human, which can be an enormous time-saver for the smart marketer.

This means you can act on data insights faster, among other things. You can hop on trends before they go out of style. You can even craft campaigns to take advantage of customer patterns before they change.

It also lets you reallocate your marketing team members to things other than data processing. For instance, they can switch from trying to make sense of data to formulating strategies that can take advantage of what the AI learned from the data.

Ad Optimisation

Ad Optimization Concept

Ever heard of programmatic advertising? It’s a convenient way of buying and selling ads using auctioning software instead of manual negotiation.

If you guessed that programmatic advertising uses AI, you’re right. And as in the previous perks we talked about, it’s all about making advertisers’ lives easier.

With programmatic advertising, advertisers no longer have to adjust ad bids manually, Rather, the AI does it for them using variables they set beforehand.

That’s not all. AI can also help you optimise your ads by tracking and analysing performance data to identify what works best (or doesn’t) for your campaigns.

Again, this lets you adjust your strategies to suit situations and audiences, which is another way AI lets you personalise or hyper-target your marketing efforts.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Enhanced Customer Experience Concept

Now, you’re probably wondering how this differs from the first perk we mentioned (Personalised Experiences). Well, this time, we’re talking about the experiences customers get when connecting with businesses’ support teams, in particular.

Customer support has long been a vital function for businesses. Unfortunately, it typically falls short, whether because of understaffing or lack of training.

AI can actually do a lot to help here. Specifically, AI chatbots and virtual assistants are excellent solutions for businesses that need more customer support, offering faster and personalised help for customers that don’t need an actual human agent.

Plus, these chatbots can reply to customers in real time, 24/7. They can be trained and programmed to provide answers to common issues quickly, taking some of the pressure off often-overworked support teams.

The result? Better user experiences, better-balanced human support agents, and a step in the right direction for customer loyalty!

Integrate AI into your digital marketing today

As you see, AI has so much promise for the canny digital marketer. From improving your customer upsells or recommendations to processing customer data, it can do a lot for your marketing efforts.

If you want to learn more about how to possibly use the latest AI tech for your business and marketing, reach out to us! We have experience in it and can also come up with the best strategy for integrating it in your marketing strategies.

Contact us for a chat for your digital marketing needs today!


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